Belgium Bunting




Belgium Bunting

Belgium Bunting (9 metres)
Our Belgium Bunting is 9 metre long,(approx 30 feet) each flag is 22.5cm by 15cm (approx 9″x6″)
This Belgian Bunting contains 30 French flags sewn on to a strong polyester tape.
Our Belgium flag cloth bunting is screen printed onto 100% woven polyester material in clear, bold colours.

Country in Europe
Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The country has distinctive regions including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and a German-speaking community to the east. The bilingual capital, Brussels, has ornate guildhalls at Grand-Place and elegant art-nouveau buildings.

Flag of Belgium
The national flag of the Kingdom of Belgium is a tricolour of three bands of black, yellow, and red. The colours were taken from the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant, and the vertical design may be based on the flag of France. When flown, the black band is nearest the pole. It has the unusual proportions of 13:15


FREE IRELAND POSTAGE is included with this Belgium Bunting, postage to overseas will be charged at checkout. Our Belgian Flags are dispatched same working day.


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