International Flags for have a large selection of international flags for sale. All of our flags are of high quality and are priced at discounted prices. This means that you are getting top quality flags at very competitive prices. The flags are ideal for many purposes including sports events, bar decorations, schools and public buildings.

Been made of high quality material our flags have a long life span. They are extremely durable and have bright colouring which does not fade in sunlight. As a result, we take great pride in our 100% customer satisfaction.

Our collection of international flags

We have a selection of flags for the following:
Amsterdam, Corsica, European Union Flag, EU Hand Waving Flags, European 27 Nations Flag, Green Cross Flag, NATO Flag, Olympics Flag, Red Cross Flag and United Nations Flags.

You can check out our selection of international flags here. Finally, if you have any further queries about our flags or any delivery questions do get in touch. You can contact us on or by phone on +353 (0)857024810

International Flags